My name is Laura Klawiter and I am currently a graduate student studying to achieve my Master’s in Secondary Education English. I recently graduated from Kutztown University last May with a B.S. in Education (again, Secondary Education English). I am pursuing further education because I wish to delve deeper into my studies of both education and English. However, I am yearning to be in the classroom, and I am excited to graduate from grad school and pursue my long-desired career as a teacher. I am extremely excited to apply all that I have learned throughout my years of schooling, from friends, family, professors, and other members of the community, in my own classroom in the very near future.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading a good book, writing for fun, and relaxing (when I can!). I enjoy a book or movie with a great story that makes me think. Likewise, I enjoy any sort of class, conversation, or moment where I can learn something new about something or someone.

I am a white female of the upper middle class. I am a student, an intellectual, a friend, a daughter, and a girlfriend. I am a thinker and a problem-solver. I am a learner and a teacher, always seeking to learn something new or teach others about a topic of my interest.